concert eym khamsinDatasheet
Direction: Pierre Simboiselle
Genre: Concert
Duration: 70 minutes


The young trio gleans here and there prizes and distinctions they deserve with flying colours. Just in 2015, they won the Emerging Talents prize at the Jazz à Saint-Germain-des-Prés festival, the Gexto Festival (Spanish Basque Country) where they opened for Stanley Clarke and received the First Prize at the prestigious Jazz à la Défense contest. They build a refined and mischievous jazz, with boisterous rhythms and sparkling harmonies. When you listen to Eym, you can happily distinguish the careful work on classical jazz, you feel the more recent one mixed with pop music, but above all you relish their blended music, from Balkans to Northern Africa. Dynamic and poetic, their last album Khamsin fulfils this brilliant synthesis with ardour and delicacy, like this hot and violent sand wind that crosses Egypt and gives its name to the album. The collaboration with Marian Badoï’s festive and lively accordion is particularly successful.



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