concert milcaDatasheet
Direction: Sébastien Morizot
Genre: Concert
Duration: 60 minutes


Par Amour is the title of the Caribbean singer Milca’s latest album. With 12 exciting tracks, the artist is winning fame beyond the Caribbean islands. Her first successful album already led her to win the prestigious prize of Best Female Interpret at the Césaire de la Musique in 2007 (Afro-Caribbean Arts Trophy). As time goes by, her ardour has not cooled.  Her songs witness the mission she assigned to herself to sing love with this irresistible passion for afro-Caribbean rhythms, and above all zouk.

Inspired by many musical styles, Milca is among the best promises in the new generation of zouk. Confirmed talent, complete songwriter, pioneer of the Zraig (mix of zouk and hip-hop, created by Gregory C), she is making the French and creole-speaking audience happy. Par Amour witnesses Milca’s sensibility and her way to understand love and is a positive anthem to life.



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