concert freeriverDatasheet
Direction: Nicolas Micha
Genre: Concert
Duration: 70 minutes


Free River is the result of the meeting of two artists: the singer Emma Lamadji and the guitar player Matia Levréro.  Emma Lamadji has always been steeped in Negro Spiritual. Gifted with a deep richly nuanced voice, and a stunning scenic presence, she restores all the strength and depth of the repertoire’s ancient tunes. Matia Levréro, guitar player and arranger is an open-minded artist; without any preconceived idea, he is only led by his feelings…

With a very expressive rhythmic and harmonic writing, the band enlightens revisited and intensified classics, enlivened by some original compositions in the same vein. Free River, with their long harmonic pads, between ardour and delicacy, transport us into their new musical universe, at once fed with soul, world, jazz, gospel and pop… rich of emotions and sensations. Free River give us something unique and unexpected to listen to, although it sounds clear evidence.



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