concert martarenDatasheet
Direction: Julien Rivière
Genre: Concert
Duration: 70 minutes


There already were Martha Reeves, Martha Wash, and of course Martha High… Here is Marta Ren, new soul-funk flamboyant rising star, made in Portugal. If she looks like a young lady in her alluring sexy outfits, the Porto-native singer was not born yesterday just like a furtive media fuss. In the 90’s, she slogged on in Portugal in an awesome combo named the Bombazines, where sha arezdy showed her hand! A glowing soul with 60’s deep funk tones, fostering with passion and respect the typical spirit of a golden age that, from Nashville to Memphis, from Chicago through Brooklyn to Detroit, has made this musical style a timeless god.

As for the future, we shall consider this new scenic bomb who, after 2 EPs, released her first album last year with her explosive band The Groovelvets, perfect digest of groove and velvet. I’m Not Your Regular Woman, album signed by the famous specialised label Records Kicks gets its name from the legendary Lucille Mathis’s hit, and uncoils under pressure tracks, temporised with some lascivious sweets de rigueur. We are close Tarantino soundtrack! Enough to make Lisbon rhyme with Daptone, in the purest tradition of a cheerful, punchy and hectic soul-funk. Sparkling horn section, thunderous Hammond organ, infernal bass lines, The Groovelvets bring the final touch to this irresistible vintage set.



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