concert baroloDatasheet
Direction: Alain Brochot
Genre: Concert
Duration: 60 minutes


Trio Barolo is the encounter of three strong musical characters: Philippe Euvrard makes his double bass sing with a great musicality; Rémy Poulakis not only is a master of the accordion but also an amazing tenor; Francesco Castellani makes you hear the most sumptuous sounds of the trombone. Their set Casa Nostraexpresses the traveller’s soul, talks about simple and deeply human things. Their music could arise from a fresh place in Palermo, from a little port in Marseilles or a street corner in Algiers. Accompanied on stage by Antony Gatta at the percussion, Carjet Gerretsen at the clarinet and of the choir of the Crest Jazz Voal trainees, they take us on a musical cruise, a dream made of pictures from Fellini or Visconti movies.



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