concert palmunitDatasheet
Direction: Alain Brochot
Genre: Concert
Duration: 70 minutes


He is considered one of the best-kept secrets of the French music and above all avant-garde jazz. During his more than 5 decades of artist’s career, from the clandestine jams to playing clarinet with Boris Vian during the German occupation, Jean-François Quiévreux (who died in 2012) aka Jef Gilson held every position in the music industry. However, nearly no one remembers him. Even the hype experts such as the sax player Lionel Martin, key player Frédéric Escoffier and drummer Pipon Garcia had never heard of him. Until their producer Antoine Rajon offers them to pay homage to him forming Palm Unit (as a nod to the mythical label Palm created in 1972 by Gilson).  With this relative virginity, the members of Palm Unit play an open-minded Gilson music, drawing in its rarities and other crazy B-sides in order to re-invent it although keeping its very timeless essence. So that this homage can be perfect, Malagasy faithful Gilson’s fellow Del Rabenja joins the trio with his valiha. Jef Gilson was ahead of his time; Palm Unit is proof that the time has finally come.



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