cdb du pain plein les pochesDatasheet
Video recording directed by Aurélie Boiron
All ages from 9
Staging: Nino d’Introna
Texte: Matéï Visniec
Production: TNG / CDN de Lyon
Duration: 60 minutes

Two men, Cane and Hat, stir around a well in which is a dog. Although they seem to want to save the animal, they try nothing to reach there. Sometimes, to give themselves good consciousness, they throw it some pieces of bread. But the night begins to fall and the dog is always prisoner. Incapable to assume their cowardice, these Machiavellian as much as poignant heroes vent hatred on their fellow men so that their existential fears keep silent. The staging, that never relaxes its embrace and dialogues clicking as a whip, shine all the facets of these so human characters until they become tragicomic.

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