cdb theatre jojo au bord du mondeDatasheet
Video recording directed by Aurélie Boiron
All ages from 9
Text: Stéphane Jaubertie
Staging: Nino d’Introna
Production: TNG/CDN de Lyon
Duration: 60 minutes + Documentary : « In the heart of Jojo »

On his own in this deserted street where he is bored to death, Jojo is rather disenchanted. Suddenly appear Anita and her old mother Jilette who totally loses her head, two modern fairies that the life did not spare. Asked to stay up this strange grandmother who suddenly disappears, the boy looks after her, crosses the forest of the Big Fear and crosses his disturbing inhabitants. His initiatory journey will lead him until Jilette, come take refuge in the only place where he did not look at: his small heart. Reaching the end of her life, this woman full of wisdom will pass on Jojo the courage and the love that he so much needs to grow up.

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