cdb les aventures du roi odysseeDatasheet
Video recording directed by Aurélie Boiron
All ages from 8
A play by Sandro Gindro
Staging: Nino d’Introna
Production: TNG/CDN de Lyon
Duration: 57 minutes + Documentary : « Ulysses, my father »

Tout public à partir de 8 ans
Une pièce de Sandro Gindro
Mise en scène : Nino d’Introna
Production : TNG/CDN de Lyon
+ Documentaire : « Ulysse mon père » *


“The adventures of King Odysseus” tells Ulysses’ adventures and his long journey back towards Ithaca after the Trojan War… But these adventures are told by a father to his son. One evening, by coming back home from the work, the father decides to tell to his son the story of Odysseus, transforming the rooms of the apartment into fantastic boards, frames of these epic adventures.

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