cdb theatre yaelDatasheet
Video recording directed by Aurélie Boiron
All ages
Text: Stéphane Jaubertie
Staging: Nino d’Introna
Production: TNG/CDN de Lyon
Duration: 60 minutes + Documentary : « L’Enfance de l’art »

 The play has been nominated to the Molière awards in 2007

Because the island in they live in was left by animals, Gaétan tells his young brother, Yaël, what life could indeed look like before. Before the great exodus. But how to imagine what we have never seen by ourselves? Gaétan is convinced of it, he has to take Yaël on the big earth, to discover all these animals that make him dreaming. More than a love story between two brothers, it is the story of every man who takes shape. In balance between the world of childhood and that of the adults, this fable reminds us that growing up also is learning to part.

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