CDB theatre arbre 1Datasheet
Video recording directed by Aurélie Boiron
All ages
Staging: Nino d’Introna
Production: TNG/CDN de Lyon
Duration: 60 minutes + Documentary : « A tree on stage»

When the spectator enters this story, he attends the meeting between a tree endowed with thought and a little girl. The tree moves and speaks only when the girl is next to it. The girl’s parents have no access to this part of the world. Just like adults of the real world have no access to the world of childhood. To these three characters, the parents and their daughter are added the one of the gardener and the boyfriend of the grown up girl. The gardener is an essentially poetic, present character to make a link between the tree’s world, the world where trees speak and fall in love with girls, and the real world, the one of parents and fireplaces where we put logs. The boyfriend serves to show that the feeling of the girl for the tree is strong enough so that we are jealous.

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