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Video recording directed by Aurélie Boiron
All ages from 12
Based on Alfred de Musset and George Sand's work
Staging: Michel Belletante
Production: Théâtre et Compagnie
Duration: 128 minutes

The action takes place in Florence, Italy. Lorenzo de Medici is dedicated to the Restoration of Republic. Hard task: his distant cousin, Duke Alessandro de Medici reigns over Florence, supported by Charles V’s Holy Empire and by Pope Clement VII; a German garrison ensure his protection! Cardinal Cibo, who defends both the Pope’s and the Emperor’s interests, is his major support. Lorenzo becomes a friend of the Duke’s, his right hand man and his partner in debauchery... to better kill him, free Florence and make the great republican families face their responsibilities! To the pure Lorenzo, poetry and arts-loving student, succeeds the one the Florentines will name Lorenzaccio, adding the suffix to show their scorn. Embodying all the debauchery of his city, Lorenzo is playing a double game for all the play. Lorenzo, romantic hero full of ideals and inspired by Caesar’s son Brutus, and Lorenzaccio, corrupt and perverse character that will soon stick to his skin.

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