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Video recording directed by Véronique Garcia
Text: Denis Podalydès
Staging: Scali Delpeyrat
Duration: 65 minutes

Everest is the story of a son and his father walking in a forest. Le father, bitten by a snake, send his son looking for help. But the son gets lost and walks back to his father, who is no longer there. Actually, he is hidden under a leaf because he is now tall like a cherry. What a huge shock! The son places his father on his shoulder and they rejoin the mother back home. The three start to live with this quite astonishing reality. The son settles his father in a cardboard house on the kitchen table. One day, inadvertently, he eats his father. The latter pulls through, but becomes even smaller. Thus he decides to read and to find his man’s size back, going on the summits... of literature !

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